To prevent

Pipes erode over time, causing leaks, reduced flow and even health hazards. Metal pipes leach heavy metals and lead into drinking water. The Nu Flow technology allow to expert or private individuals to prevent damages by the epoxy pipe liner without expend expensive price.
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To prevent

Problems with brown water from your tap or Low water pressure ?

Why Is “In-Place” Pipe Lining Better Than Replacing the Pipes?

Nu Flow’s patented technologies restore corroded or eroded piping systems without the costly expense and disruption from a traditional pipe replacement. During a typical repipe, the failed pipes are removed, which causes destruction and inconvenience to the property. Replacing the pipe does not extinguish the root of the problem, so the new pipe system will inevitably suffer the same fate. That is why Nu Flow’s blown-in and no-dig pipe liners are the preferred, long-term solutions.

Why to chose NU FLOW technologies ?
  • Less tools and equipment to get the job done
  • Fully utilize existing access points, so we do not have to cause destruction to access pipes
  • Pipe system is still functional during our work or we provide temporary potable water
  • Apply epoxy to inside of pipe lines, protecting the pipes from future problems and preventing
  • Chemicals from leaching into drinking water
  • Save the customer time, hassle, disturbance and around half the cost
This complete product and service offering means we are able to protect your home as well as your health and the health of your family.