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Pressure and gravity pipe systems are both subject to degradation over time. This type of damage, even rusted galvanized pipes, can easily be repaired with Nu Flow's Epoxy Lining.
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To repair

Problems with leak pipe or high consumption of water ?

Don’t replace! Renew with Nu Flow !

Technological Advantages over Traditional Repair Methods
Historically,  blocked,  broken  or  leaking  pipe  systems  required  the destruction  of  floors,  walls,  landscape  or  hardscape  to  access pipes  before  pipes  could  be  repaired  or  replaced.  Lead  leaching into drinking water and pollution of ground water from deteriorating, leaking pipes are ongoing health and environmental concerns until pipes are renewed or replaced.
Before renewal through lining, replacing a pipe or an entire plumbing system  was  the  only  option  -  an  expensive,  destructive,  time- consuming and disruptive undertaking that usually required occupant displacement for weeks or months until repairs could be completed. Even worse, reconstruction can easily cost an additional forty to sixty percent beyond direct pipe repair cost.

Complete Infrastructure repair systems available :
  • Potable Water System Lining :
Pipe lining solutions for residential, commercial service mains, potable water systems and pool lines.
Piping systems from ½-inch to 12-inch diameters above and below ground can be internally cleaned & epoxy coated.
  • Drains/Sewer Rehab :
Structural drain lining solutions for sanitary drain pipes, roof drains, storm systems and vertical drain stacks in homes, condos, apartment buildings and more.
Piping systems from 1 ½-inch to 6-inch diameters above and below ground can be internally cleaned & epoxy lined.

This complete product and service offering means we are able to protect your home as well as your health and the health of your family.